Copyright Information

All downloadable music files (incl. background-sounds) on this website are
exclusively copyrighted by Lothar Michael Froehlich(as much as it isn't
mentioned otherwise). For commercial use permission is in all cases compulsively

Do not offer these audio files on other websites for direct downloading, but You
can set a link to!

If You like to use one of the in the download-section listed audio-files as
background sound on Your homepage(.wma extension strongly recommended!), donít take the path to my server!

A violation against this forbiddance is called traffic- or bandwidth-stealing ...

So load the file on Your own webspace and take the path to Your own place.

If You do so, all You have to do is to mention the title of the music piece and
the musicians name on Your homepage; both items have to be linked to!

Example:   Music:   "Sensitive Walk" by Lothar Michael Froehlich